Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.


This article will help you figure out how to strengthen your immune system now by adding foods that are rich in selenium to your diet. You will also find in it the 6 best drugs containing selenium.

Everyone wants to be healthy, radiate inner energy and lead an active lifestyle. You have a choice to take care of your health now, just to maintain it, or to spend a lot of money on treatment several years later. Any disease is easier to prevent than to treat.

Back in 1975, the World Health Organization included selenium in the list of essential elements. At the same time, scientists and physicians state that practically every person, both adults and children, has a slight deficit of this mineral.

At a young age it may not manifest itself in any way, a person may only feel weak. Closer to 40-45 years of age, and especially people over 50 years old, the lack of this element in the body leads to serious consequences.

These include: muscle atrophy, cancer, strokes, heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, hormonal disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, male infertility. In total, there are about 40 different diseases that can develop due to a lack of this mineral in the body.

And it is not surprising at all, because the body needs selenium every day. It ensures the functioning of the thyroid gland and the organs of the reproductive system, stimulates metabolism.

It has strong immune-modulating properties, has anti-carcinogenic and anti-oxidant effect, supports normal skin, hair and nails. It is also recommended for people with diabetes, hypothyroidism, celiac disease and gastrointestinal diseases.

Daily rate of selenium

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the daily intake of the trace element is 50-200 micrograms. The optimal daily dose to maintain vitality is 50-70 micrograms:

Category of peopleDaily rate of selenium, mcg
for women55
for men70
For children under 6 months5
6 months to one year10
1 to 6 years20
7 to 10 years of age30
11 to 14 years of age40
11 to 14 years of age45
15 to 18 years of age50

The content of a trace element in the body can be determined by a special test of blood, nails, hair or urine. For example, take a blood test to quantify it in the blood.

This micronutrient enters the body mainly with food, so the diet should be as varied as possible and include healthy and wholesome foods.

However, even though there is a small requirement for selenium, a person’s normal diet does not provide enough of this mineral per day, which is necessary for the proper functioning of all life systems.

Plus it is not very well absorbed. That is why doctors recommend taking special preparations for 2-3 months at a time.

Top 6 drugs containing selenium

1. Solgar Selenium

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

Solgar is a well-known premium brand that has been producing BIO supplements since 1947. Form release – tablets (from 100 tablets in a jar and more). In addition to the main element the composition includes calcium, calcium phosphate, phosphorus.

The main advantage of the complex is a yeast-free base. This helps to better absorb useful substances and restore the body. Buyers note the effectiveness of the product. It can be taken in severe deficiency of the substance and for preventive purposes, one dragee a day with a meal.

The dosage of the substance is higher than the usual daily norm for a person – 100 mcg. This will help quickly overcome the mineral deficiency, but also increases the likelihood of overdose. In addition, the drug may cause a number of side effects.

2. NOW FOODS Selenium

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

Another well-known U.S. brand that is popular among consumers. The drug comes in the form of plant-based capsules (180 capsules in a jar). The amount of the mineral is also quite large, as in Solgar, which can cause its own negative effects.

The capsules should be taken twice a day with food. People prefer this product because of the large number of capsules in the package for a relatively low price. The capsules are enough for a long course of intake or for a short course for several family members.

Note that the drug is contraindicated for people with individual intolerance to its components.

3. Multi-tabs Classic

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

A well-known vitamin complex, are popular with customers. In a package of 30 tablets. Used one tablet a day after breakfast, children under 11 years of age are not recommended to take them.

Please note that this is a multivitamin. That is, in addition to selenium you get a number of other nutrients. At the same time, the dosage of the mineral (50 mcg) may be insufficient, for example, for men.

4. Doppelgerz active Selenium + β-carotene

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

German complex. Selenium contains 50 mcg. In addition, it contains vitamin E, C, B9, β-carotene. Available in capsule form (30 capsules in a package). Need to take one tablet once a day with meals for 4 weeks.

Customers say that the complex improves mood and gives strength, but they are very hard to find, they are not available in all pharmacies.

5. Selzink Plus

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

Czech remedy, which, in addition to the main element (dosage – 0.04-0.06 mg; recall that in mg – 1000 mcg), includes vitamins C, E, beta-carotene, zinc. Available in tablet form (30 tablets in a package). It is recommended to take one once a day.

Consumers note that the tablets are well absorbed. However, there are known cases of allergic reactions and side effects after taking the pills.

6. NRGLab Ionic Selenium drops

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

The complex is new on the Russian market, but well-proven abroad. In addition to the main element, the composition includes purified water NRGLab (U.S. patent) with ionic silver, citric acid.

The peculiarity of this product is its form – it is drops (100 ml bottle). It is necessary to use 2 drops per 10 kg of weight 2-4 times a day with meals. In intensive therapy up to 100 drops per day. During breakfast – 20 drops, lunch – 40 drops, dinner – 20 drops with water or food. Before going to bed – 10-20 drops with water.

This allows the drops to be used both for prophylactic purposes and for the purpose of quickly overcoming a deficiency. This form of release helps to adjust the necessary amount of the element depending on the individual characteristics of each person (sex, age, weight).

But the most important advantage of NRGLab Ionic Selenium drops is that the mineral is organized into an ionic formula. This makes your metabolic reactions go very quickly, so that the mineral itself can be absorbed easily and almost completely (98%).

It is also eliminated without residue. However, the capsules and tablets do not contain any useful substances, or they are absorbed very slowly, placing a heavy burden on the kidneys and the liver.

For better absorption, the manufacturer recommends refraining from consuming dairy products, with the exception of butter. This is because calcium salts (which come with milk) interfere with the action of hydrogen ion.

It is also not recommended to eat cereals in any form (wheat, rye, oats, barley) during the first month of use, because they contain proteins that are difficult to digest.

Six best drugs containing selenium. Quickly strengthen the immune system of adults and children.

Selenium deficiency in women

As you have already understood, selenium is one of the most important substances. Its total amount in the human body is about 10-14 g. It is found in the liver, kidneys, spleen, heart.

In addition to the already mentioned advantages, it helps to assimilate vitamin E and with it protects the human body from free radicals. An overabundance of free radicals leads to cellular damage. This in turn leads to the development of chronic diseases and can cause cancer.

It also helps to assimilate iodine, is part of proteins, is responsible for building muscle tissue, and helps synthesize coenzyme Q-10 (Q-10 is responsible for building and storing energy in cells). This trace element plays a very important role in the reproductive system.

How does its deficiency manifest itself in women? Its deficiency can lead to infertility and serious problems associated with the ability to conceive and bear a child:

  • Failure to carry a pregnancy (toxicosis occurs more often and there is a threat of premature birth);
  • Delayed intrauterine development syndrome and the threat of the birth of a child with serious abnormalities;
  • Poor labor activity, i.e. complication of natural childbirth. A condition where the cervix does not contract or contracts very weakly. This may necessitate a cesarean section;
  • Among other things, it is responsible for the amount of milk in the nursing mother. This means that its deficiency affects the possibility of breastfeeding the baby.

There are also indicative signs of its deficiency in women, such as deterioration of the skin, brittle nails and hair, and decreased capacity for work.

Selenium deficiency in men

In men, selenium is also found in the testicles and directly affects the viability of sperm. Lack of this element can lead to:

  • male infertility;
  • sexual weakness;
  • decreased libido;
  • impotence.

In addition, the combination of selenium and zinc is a building material for the male hormone testosterone. Selenium deficiency also leads to a decrease in the amount of testosterone.

Symptoms of deficiency of this element are also manifested in the form of herpes exacerbations, allergic reactions, decreased vision, development of sclerosis, cataracts.

Foods containing selenium

The main sources of this element are foods. It is in food products (both plant and animal origin) that contain the main amount of it. Let’s try to figure out what has the most selenium.

The leading position is occupied by the Brazil nut. Thus, 5 grams of this nut contains, on average, 137% of the daily norm (1917 mcg). Moreover, scientists have proved that the amount of this mineral in plant foods directly depends on its content in the soil.

It was found that one Brazil nut from one region can provide up to 288% of the daily allowance, and from other regions – no more than 11%.

The table below will help you understand which foods are rich in selenium.

Food ProductsDose of the mineral in micrograms per 100 grams of product
Coconut milk, coconut pulp, dried coconut80
Wheat bran, squid, octopus77
shrimp, crabs, mussels, crayfish, oysters25-50
sunflower seeds53
chicken eggs31
cottage cheese30

It is also found in garlic, black bread, corn, tomatoes, mushrooms, chia seeds, brown rice, chicken, and fish.

Price of selenium preparations

NameCountry ManufacturerAdvantagesDisadvantagesPrice, $
Solgar SeleniumUSAYeast-free base of the tablets, the composition.Side effects, moderate absorption$16.00
NOW FOODS SeleniumUSAEconomical packaging.Individual intolerance, poor digestibility$30.00
Multi-tabs ClassicDenmarkAvailability of other vitamins and minerals in the composition, price.Possible allergic reactions, small packaging, poor digestibility$5.25
Doppelgerz active Selenium + β-caroteneGermanyAvailability of other vitamins and minerals in the composition.Very hard to find, small packaging, poor digestibility$7.50
Selzink PlusCzech RepublicThe presence of other vitamins and minerals in the composition.Possible allergic reactions, low absorption, side effects.$6.30
NRGLab drops Ionic SeleniumSingaporeHigh digestibility, the possibility of choosing a suitable dosage, economical packaging.Cost$56.00

Selenium is one of the most important trace elements necessary for the proper functioning of the entire life support system. It will help regulate the heart, thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract. Increase immunity and protects against a number of serious diseases.

This mineral is found in a variety of foods, but even so, people get it in insufficient quantities from food.

Taking special preparations will help provide the body with the most necessary for proper functioning. In this article, we named 6 best preparations containing selenium.

But we still draw your attention to the fact that not all drugs can be absorbed equally well. Some can even cause significant harm.

So when buying a drug, think carefully about what would be better for you? Paying less for a promoted brand name without knowing for sure if you will get any effect from taking the pills and if you won’t harm yourself? Or pay a little more, but be sure of the quality and effectiveness!

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